Welcome to the official website for the FCI World Championship Mondioring 2019 w Nędzy k/Raciborza in Poland.
The championship will take place from 02 – 06 October 2019 at the premises of the sports field in Nędza near Racibórz south of Poland.

Registration for this event will start on this website on 07.2019 r. and will end on 31.08.2019r.

A support group on facebook is at the following address: www.facebook.com/groups/mondioring2019/

For question please use the contact form. You can find the link in the menu at the top of this page.

Polish Kennel Club and The Belgian Shepherd Club are excited to organize this great event and look forward to meet all participants in October 2019. Thank you for your interest and please visit this site regularly to find more information.

Best regards,

Polish Kennel Club & Belgian Shepherd Club